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Maintained Environment

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Controlled Environment

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Crystal Clear

The idea for UMAC came about when Troy Elles and Ronnie Black, Jr., were managing the utilities for a small municipality. They kept getting calls for help from other utilities on operational issues. They soon discovered that others viewed their operation as an efficient and successful one.

“Ronnie and I then thought, ‘Let’s start a company based on how we run things here and offer those services to other small utilities,’” Troy recalled.

The timing couldn’t have been better. At the time, the industry was starting to lose a lot of its experienced workforce. Unfortunately, the younger generation wasn’t looking to utilities for careers, something that is still the case today.

“People don’t graduate from high school and college and think about pursuing careers in water and wastewater utilities,” Ronnie said. “But there will always be jobs in those areas.”

Troy, Ronnie and the rest of the team have served in all areas of utility management – from the down and dirty work of laying pipe to the long hours in the office determining how to get the job done in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

They have worked to build relationships with the people in the municipalities they serve, answering calls in the middle of the night, offering long-term solutions to towns with tight budgets and everything in between. Relationships are strengthened as UMAC helps cities and towns keep control of their systems by coming alongside with insight, knowledge, the manpower and the right equipment.

UMAC’s team, as Troy puts it, has “been there, done that.” They have the experience to tackle issues utilities are facing today.

Call (765) 522-1024  Troy or Ronnie for more information to help your town.